The 10 Best Funny Dog Videos Pissing Off The Stars?

Are These Unauthorized, Best Funny Dog Videos Making Fun of Celebrities? Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood and More.


These Gangster Dogs Have a Funny Way of  Looking at Things.


This Funny Dog Proves That You Don’t Have to be Pretty to Feel Pretty.


There is No Doubt That This Dog Can Fly a Plane.


What’s Going to Happen When This Car Hits 88 Miles Per Hour?!


This Dog Likes Martini Flavored Chew Sticks and Has a License to Sniff.


Sometimes You Can Find a Big Dog Attitude Inside a Little Dog. Watch Out For This Guy!


This is One Dog Movie That Will Never be Made by Disney.


If Clint Eastwood’s Dog Could Talk, What is The One Thing he Would Say For Sure? I’ll Bet You got it Right!


Some Claim This Dog is The Original “Meat Head.”


Eddie Might be The Funniest, Most Famous Dog of Hollywood Celebrities Ever. But, he and Frasier Didn’t Always Get Along. Watch!

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I am a Retired TV comedy writer who was nominated for an Emmy and never quite lived up to it. I have always loved and lived with dogs and cats, have never been without a shredded sofa and overturned wastebasket - My TV credits are at:

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