How to be a Bomb Sniffing Dog Without Becoming Kibbles n’ Bits.

Nitro, a Bomb Sniffing Dog With The LAPD, Had a Nervous Breakdown, Realizing That Just One Mistake and HE Could Become Kibble.


From his (semi-private) room at the K-9 Association for Police Over-Worked Explosive Dogs (KA-POWED), Nitro sadly told how he went from Good Cop Dog to Bad Cop Dog.
funny dog picture“Training was a snap”, he began. “Most of the bomb sniffing dogs were shepherds or retrievers, except for this one Chihuahua who was going to specialize in purse bombs.”

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“Right after graduation, things were really cool”, Nitro continued, “I loved riding around in a squad car, barking at bums, panting at hookers. But, one day they made me sniff this suspicious package and I’m thinking, if this sucker goes off, its going to make getting spayed seem like a walk in the park.’
“Things started to unravel after that,” Nitro sighed, “And I got in contact with a service dog buddy of mine from training class who had been assigned to Drug Sniffing.”
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Thus began Nitro’s downward spiral. “I’d wrap a pill inside a piece of cheese or chunk of hamburger and gobble it down. I did anything; uppers, downers, I mean it was the real Science Diet!”
Unhappily, Nitro’s story doesn’t have a happy ending. He and Buddy were eventually busted and had to turn in their leashes and cute little doggy-cop sunglasses.
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Nitro’s boss had no clue what was happening, being under the influence of  his own sugar high.

service dog


                                Even Nitro’s High Priced Lawyer Couldn’t Get Him Off.                              
                                                  F. Flea Bailey ↓

criminal dogs

After that, Nitro found himself in a series of humiliating jobs, once even having to sniff suspected shoplifters in a Wall Mart parking lot.  But, he does have hopes for the future and recently landed a new job working security at Collar Dog and Cat a dog

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