14 Fearless Dog Pictures That Could Get us Sued.

These Are Definitely Are Not  Your Mother’s Cutesy Dog Pictures.

Yes, These Are For Those of You With A More Trashy, Undiscriminating Sense of Humor. Share Only With Tasteless Friends.

x-rated funny dog pictureTed Bergman | Dogs and cats go Hollywood.


We all have this friend who is always coming up with stupid ideas – that we go along with.


I Hope They Sue us, we Could Use the Publicity.

x-rated dog picture


If you are seeing two dog pictures here, this is your eighth drink!
silly dog pictureTed Bergman | Dogs and cats go Hollywood.


It’s How Dogs Shake Hands. Who Are We to Judge?

x-rated dog picture


Here’s Another, so sue me Dog Picture:

People Magazine funny dog


Dog Thinks he Has Joined Cat Gang. Graffiti Says Otherwise.

Not Taking Sides. Uh, yes we are.
Trump&DogTed Bergman | Dogs and cats go Hollywood.
At One Time or Another We’ve All Had This Experience. Right? Right? Ri-ght!?

x-rated funny dog picture


If You Don’t Think This is Funny, You’re Probably Not Old Enough to Vote.

x-rated dog politician picture


Dogs Love Things  Like Being Petted, Chasing a ball, Sniffing Around…Sunsets? Not so Much…

x-rated funny dog sunset

A Philosophical Question we Have Yet to Answer.


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I am a Retired TV comedy writer who was nominated for an Emmy and never quite lived up to it. I have always loved and lived with dogs and cats, have never been without a shredded sofa and overturned wastebasket - My TV credits are at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0074867/

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