Dogs Abducted by Aliens. Horror Story or Hoax?

Were These Dogs Really Abducted by Aliens? Close Encounters of The Canine Kind? You Decide.

It Sounded Like Another B.S Story From The Canine Enquirer – But, Then I Went to Investigate – and, WOW!!!

 abducted by aliens

I was deleting all the cat spam when the assignment came in. “Dogs Claim Abducted by Aliens.”

I could barely walk through the trashed living room of this typical suburban home. I found Trixie and Bo on the back porch and they began to tell their incredible story.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 16.44.56

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Their family was going to be gone all day and left the two dogs alone with plenty of food and water. At first they were totally cool with that..but, after dark things started getting really weird.

They were both curled up on the sofa, Bo said, when suddenly there was this giant spaceship hovering right over them.

When I asked him what the spaceship looked like, Bo hesitated, then said, “A Milk Bone?” And Trixie jumped right in, saying, “Yeah, that’s it! That’s what it was, a giant Milk Bone!”

Screenshot 2016-04-13 11.41.33

They claimed they were then sucked into the spaceship – and it was full of aliens, some looked like cats, but most looked like dogs.

After that, they were examined, probed and given all kinds of tests, some of which were quite puzzling, like the one from the DMV.


Screenshot 2016-04-13 14.27.35

Screenshot 2016-04-13 14.15.42



Screenshot 2016-04-13 14.40.53

Trixie and Bo believed that these aliens came from a special planet, a…a…Planet of the Dogs!!
Trixie said that the alien dogs walked upright on their hind feet…so they could grab anything they wanted off the kitchen counters…like those big bags of Cheetoswhich nobody can stop eating until they’re all gone and then you feel like barfing.  Cat Alien?

  ← MAYBE?

But, something was bothering me…Yes!!! Back in the house, on the kitchen floor, the crumpled bag of Cheetos next to the orange pile of barf


They were making this all up!!!

Yes! The two dogs finally admitted it. Part of it was true. The family did leave them alone in the house.
“At first it was really fun”, Bo admitted. “We tore around, got up on the furniture, chewed on anything we wanted. Then I guess we went too far.”, he confessed, “And we wound up trashing the place.”

But, I couldn’t stay mad at them because, after all, I was a dog too…A planet of the dogs!?…Wow! A place where there are no leashes…Where you never hear the word, “No.”…Where you never see that tacky sign…

Screenshot 2016-04-14 05.11.44

Screenshot 2016-04-14 05.17.46

Screenshot 2016-04-14 05.15.28

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