Elvis Presley Dog Still Alive? Tabloid Has Exclusive Pics.

This article about the Elvis Presley dog appeared in the April 14th, 2010 edition of the The Canine Enquirer, a tacky tabloid found in pet stores and dog grooming salons . CAUTION: Reading anything in the Canine Enquirer has been known to cause brain damage.

elvis presleyTed Bergman | Dogs and cats go Hollywood.

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elvis presley

 He Peeked Inside The Car…

elvis presley

Langtree, a Tireless Researcher and Sudafed Package Collector…

elvis presley

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elvis presley



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I am a Retired TV comedy writer who was nominated for an Emmy and never quite lived up to it. I have always loved and lived with dogs and cats, have never been without a shredded sofa and overturned wastebasket - My TV credits are at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0074867/

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