Why Did These Funny, Cute Dogs Trash an Obedience School?

These Funny, Cute Dogs – Jack Russell Terriers Say “No” to Obedience School.


Oxnard, CA. – A gang of Jack Russell Terriers was caught vandalizing an obedience school. At first, the dogsfunny cute dogs claimed they were just chasing a squirrel, but then it ran into the school and well, things kinda got out of control.

However, Jake, the gang leader finally copped to the real reason behind the school’s trashing. He and his buddies had to go to this school every Thursday night and they hated it. Jake claimed that it was BOR-ING!     “We also don’t like being told what to do”, he added.

The delinquent dogs exhibited no remorse for their actions, claiming they would have never been caught if one of them hadn’t found a ball and went looking for someone to throw it.


funny cute dogs

“You Can Never Have too Many Balls.” – Jake

Unfortunately, the only one around was a security guard copping a quick smoke in the boy’s bathroom– and they were busted!

funny cute dogsTed Bergman | Dogs and cats go Hollywood.


– Jake, feeling his rights were violated during the vandalizing arrest, forms the ACLU. The American Canine Liberties Union.

funny cute dogs

You can view the ACLUs’ recruiting poster here.


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