The 10 Most Wanted Outlaw Funny Dogs – Is Yours Here?

Funny Dogs Have Personalities and Quirks That Make us Laugh. Did Your Dog Make The List?


To Find Out, Here Are Some Posters For The Canine Intelligence’s Agency’s Most Wanted Funny Dogs.

Funny dogs most wanted


We All Spoil Our Dogs, But, come on…You’ve Met These People (below) and Their Dogs – Quick, Make up a B.S. Excuse and Get Out of There! – ↓


funny dog picture

Have You Seen These Funny Dogs in Your Neighborhood? – Or, God Forbid, Are These Your Dogs?

funny dog picture


Maybe Dogs Like Percy Aren’t The Brightest Pups in The Litter, But we love ’em Anyway.

funny dog picture

This Funny Dog is on The Run, Being Sought by Authorities. Pray For Him.

funny dog picture

This Funny Dog is Also Wanted by The Dog Pound Gangs of The Bulldog Brotherhood For Kissing up to Cats.
funny dog pictureTed Bergman | Dogs and cats go Hollywood.
Nick is The Subject of Many, Many Funny Dog Stories – Thing is, it Just Wasn’t so Funny at The Time.
funny dog pictureYes, we All Need Love. But, This Dog Never Gets Enough.


Do You Know What OCDTD is? This Dog Has it.

funny dog picture

We Know You Are Familiar With This Next, Not so Funny Dog. You Know Him at Midnight, Two in The Morning, or Anytime You’re Trying to Take a Nap.

funny dog picture

These Two Funny, Lovable Dogs Always Seem to Remind us of Someone we Know.

funny dog picture


Do you have a funny dog that should have his own wanted poster? Send us a picture(s) and tell us a little about him/her. You can submit your stuff  by CLICKING HERE or on the Casting Couch below. – Thanks, Ted


CastingCouchBBJpgTed Bergman | Dogs and cats go Hollywood.


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