Pioneering New TV Series Raises Big Money For Dogs & Cats.

You Can Make This Happen.

funny dogs and cats


Okay, a Funny Dogs and Cats TV Series…So, Why You?


HERE’S WHY: When I was a big shot comedy writer in L.A. I could walk into any network and pitch an idea for a TV series. However, I’m long retired and have few contacts in the industry anymore. (A mixed blessing.)


But, the Web Has Changed Everything – and you have the power of the click!
  1. Take a Look  the Presentation Below. Then, if You Like…
  2. With a Few Clicks of  Your Mouse, Send it those (I have chosen) – That Have the Power to Get a Funny Dogs and Cats TV Series on The air.
  3. In The Comments Section Below, Leave us Your Name, etc., so we Can Add You to Our Angels Hall of Fame List. (Free Show Tickets & stuff.)
  4. Also, Please Add a Comment, an Idea. We’d Love to Hear From You.


dog and cat comedy TV series


* Most of these celebrity animal advocates will donate their hosting fee. Less production costs = More money for our furry friends.


Dog cat TV comedy Series


* Here’s where the big bucks kick into overdrive:


dog cat comedy TV series




* There are many other features right here on that should easily translate to television. Check them out:


dogs and cats TV series


rent a dog




Doctor Dorisjpg16Crop


Screenshot 2016-05-01 06.56.27


* Remember, every time a viewer calls in to vote for their contest favorite, they will be donating a buck or so to an animal related charity.


Screenshot 2016-05-01 06.57.30

Created and Written by – Ted Bergman  – Registered, WGA #1671191 –


Wow, You Made it! Now, Just a Minute or Two More…

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NEXT, paste it into the Twitter, Facebook pages and website contact pages of the following people:

Ellen De Generes:

Twitter – Ellen DeGeneres@TheEllenShow


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Kayley Cuoco:  


Ricky Gervais:

Hollywood Reporter:

Lesley Goldberg – Email:

Daily Variety:


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THANK YOU!!! – Don’t Forget to Leave Your Name For Our Angels Hall of Fame List – and We’re Dying to Hear From you, so Leave a Comment.








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I am a Retired TV comedy writer who was nominated for an Emmy and never quite lived up to it. I have always loved and lived with dogs and cats, have never been without a shredded sofa and overturned wastebasket - My TV credits are at:

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