12 Ways How to be a Cute Cat (When You’re Really Not.)

A Cute Cat is Loved by Everyone – Unless You’re a Smart Ass Cat.

These Funny Pictures Are Hand Picked by Them – They Know More Than You and Always Will.


The President of Smart Ass Cats, elected for a third consecutive term.

funniest cat pictures ever

Nominated for one of the funniest non cute cat pictures ever.

President Smart Ass Cats


Needs no Explanation and is in Hall of Fame.

funniest cat pictures ever


If you have a dog and cat sharing your house. Chances are, the cat is the top dog. In fact, if it was up to the cat…

dogs and cats living together

Nobody in this picture is cute. Kudos!

funny cat picture


 Not so cute when they break things. That’s why this job is perfect for them.

funniest cat pictures ever

Cute or not cute? This one is a toss up.
funny cat picture
Cats have a sense of humor, but we never know what they will think is funny.

funny cat picture


No doubt most cats would think this was funny.

LeaveTheHouseJpg copy


If this comment surprises you – then you don’t have a cat.

funny cat picture


All dogs are requested to ride in the trunk. We have denied this request.

funny cat picture


This pretty much sums up Feline Philosophy.



You can see a whole bunch more FBI Most Wanted Cat posters by CLICKING HERE, or on the poster below↓



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I am a Retired TV comedy writer who was nominated for an Emmy and never quite lived up to it. I have always loved and lived with dogs and cats, have never been without a shredded sofa and overturned wastebasket - My TV credits are at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0074867/

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