The 3 Worst Things Dogs do in Cars. And One You Must Stop.

Here are The Three Worst Things Dogs do in Cars – And, Chances Are They Will Happen to You!


It’s My Way on the Highway!

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It all begins with a scam that many dogs have perfected. If they think they are going to be left at home, they put on this miserable, “poor me” look. But, caution, it’s you that will be taken for a ride!





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WARNING! – Never leave one of these dogs alone in your car because they will eat anything.  In one legendary incident, a Lab mix ate an entire barbecued chicken, a quart of Ben & Jerry’s Go Fish, a carton of Tofu and the six candy bars mom had hidden in her purse.


Stop This One! – On the inside of your car windows, those squiggly little marks that dogs make with their noses are neither accidental nor innocent. These are insulting messages to other gang delinquent dogs. IF YOU DON’T WIPE THIS GRAFFITI OFF, you’ll  soon discover that your tires have been peed on.

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Fortunately, there is something being done to stop these delinquent dogs in cars. A new, tough obedience school. Their motto is: Get in. Sit Down. Shut up.

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