What Cat Breed Are You? An Unconventional Cat Quiz.

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A Different Kind of Cat Quiz For The Rest of us.

If You're a Persian...

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You are a people person! You’re well-adjusted, mellow, and a good and loyal friend. However, if someone messes with you, you will use them as a scratching post and shred them like a roll of toilet paper. They will eventually be discovered in a litter box, appearing as some of the larger clumps.

If you're a Ragdoll...

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You’re a funny, outgoing, popular party person who loves a glass, or two, or three or…(sometimes you just can’t remember.) of cheap white wine. You have been known to be friendly to strangers on public transportation and family members on Thanksgiving.

If You're a Siamese...

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You are smart, successful, always color coordinated and have a vast knowledge of pop culture, science, sports and politics - and you don’t hesitate to share all this with others. Which is why everyone talks smack behind your back and wants to throw you under a bus or face down into a dumpster.

If You're a Tabby Cat...

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There are lots of others out there like you - And, just because you’re average in looks, intelligence and personality doesn’t mean you won’t find love and happiness..somewhere, somehow, sometime, someday. Keep trying. And remember, average people live longer. Although you may not want to.

If You're a Russian Blue...

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People may think you’re reserved, quiet, even unsociable, but, inside you’re really a Heroin Poppy waiting to bloom. If you ever get beyond the second date, you’ll glom on to that person like a plunger in a bus station toilet, send them emails, Facebook posts and text messages longer than the congressional budget - and, they will move to Syria without telling you.

If You're a Maine Coon...

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You are a large, friendly person, known for giving bear-like hugs, even to strangers. You always have that big smile, even in the mug shots. You love sports, all kinds of games and will don face paint even for a chess match. You can’t stand ballet, opera or female sideline football reporters.

If You're an Abyssinian...

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You are elegant, refined and the smartest person among your friends, family and co-workers - and you know it - and they know it. Which is why you haven’t had a date in months, often cry yourself to sleep and are thinking of moving to Delaware.

If You're a Bengal...

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You are exotic, sexy and have an aura of mystery about you. You have great taste and love expensive things like Uber rides to Wyoming and top tier cable packages. You are in great shape and offer your opinions on exercise and nutrition to anyone who will listen. And it works, because people always run when they see you coming.

If You're a Himalayan...

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Some would describe you as a Couch Potato, but that’s wrong because potatoes don’t shed. Although you aren’t in great shape, you do spend a lot of time on your hair and are one of the few middle-aged people with a Mullet. Judging by your appearance and personality, most would assume that you aren’t very bright. That assumption would be correct.

If You're a Chartreux...

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You’re usually the quiet one in the crowd, but others don’t get that you’re taking it all in, not missing a thing. You’re playful, sweet, extremely intelligent and when in the mood, love a good game of fetch. However, your favorite activity is lifting your rear leg and burying your face in your crotch.

If You're a Cornish Rex...

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People say you’re a “good listener.” If they only knew that behind that agreeable smile, you’re fantasizing killing them in grotesque and agonizing ways. You’re pretty much a loner and spend weekends at home in your tiny apartment, curled up on your sofa bed with a pitcher of Vodka, re-writing your ninth unsold romance novel and your suicide note.




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